Cohort Launch Timeline

60 Days prior to start: Set a Date, Secure a Facilitator & Launch Application

  1. Find a date that will work well for your organization to start a nine week cohort. We typically find that scheduling dates where no major holidays will interrupt any of the sessions works best.
  2. Contact your [certified facilitators] to see who is available for those dates.
  3. Make sure your [Application] is available on your [Program landing page] for people to sign up.

30-60 Days prior to the Event: Get the Word Out

  1. Get the word out and start recruiting potential participants. You may want to:
    • Use the the [Sample E-Blast ] to send an email to your organization’s contact list.
    • Use the [Share Graphics] on your website and social media outlets
    • Modify, print, and hang [Posters] in strategic places around town
  2. Make sure to include a link to the Program Application or your program landing page in your recruitment efforts.

45 Days prior to Launch: Secure a Venue

  1. You’ll need to identify and secure a space large enough to accommodate 10-15 people.
  2. The ideal venue should include:
    • Enough space for attendees to sit at one big table or at a square of tables facing each other.
    • A whiteboard or flipchart available.
  3. The sessions are interactive and done conversationally as opposed to presentation style. There are no audio/video requirements.

30 Days prior to Launch: Confirm Participants & Schedule Speakers

  1. Respond to applicants who have completed the application using the [Acceptance Email Template] and confirm they are planning on attending the upcoming cohort. Use the [Deferral Email Template] to let other applicants know the cohort is full.
  2. Send reminders as needed to ensure you have participants confirmed.
  3. Collect payment.
  4. Use the [Speaker Invitation Email Templates] to line up [Guest Speakers] for Weeks 2-8.

15-20 Days prior to Launch: Order Materials

  1. Follow-up with participants to make sure they are still planning on attending and to collect payment.
  2. Confirm your certified Facilitator.
  3. Order Participant Binders and supplies through the CO.STARTERS Shop. We ask that an order be placed at least two weeks prior to your start date in order to allow adequate time for fulfillment and shipping.

7 Days prior to Launch: Create Cohort

  1. Finalize the participant list.
  2. Email [email protected] a list of full name and email addresses of accepted applicants. Remember, the best group size is 10-15 participants.
  3. Tell us who from your list of Certified Facilitators (found on tab #3 of your Program Application Manager) will be facilitating the cohort.
  4. Once a cohort is established, CO.STARTERS will automatically send out [surveys] and weekly emails.

3 Days prior to Launch: Get Ready

  1. Send an email to all cohort participants using the [Welcome Email Template].
  2. Make sure you have binders, supplies, snacks, and drinks.
  3. Prefill the Customer Count chart with participant names or make sure it is passed around the room during the first session and names are added.
  4. Decide on prizes for the Customer Count competition. [Go here for ideas and suggestions].
  5. Secure a Celebration Night venue.