Launching the Refocus Workshop

This two-hour virtual workshop will help participants find the focus and clarity needed to shift their mindset and find a new way forward. Participants will determine immediate next steps needed to stabilize, re-examine their ventures using the CO.STARTERS Canvas, strategize how to better solve their customers’ changing needs, and learn how to adapt or refine their models.

Facilitator & Organizer Tools

All the digital tools needed for launching and running your own Refocus Workshop can be downloaded from our Shop including:

  • Refocus: Workshop Guide
    This tool includes the facilitator materials to lead the workshop as well as helpful tips on virtual delivery.

  • Refocus Slide Deck
    This slide deck should be used via screen-sharing while delivering the workshop virtually.

  • Promotional Graphics
    Use these graphics to promote your workshop online or put on your registration page. (Find more in the Refocus Promo Kit.)
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The Participant Workbook

Participants will need to go to to download their workshop materials. The fillable PDF has everything they need to capture their learnings.

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Emails & Promotional Copy

We’ve included some examples here. Check the Refocus Promo Kit for more.

Promotional Copy


Feeling stuck? Go back to the basics to save your business.

This two–hour virtual workshop will help you find the focus and clarity you need to shift your mindset and find a new way forward. If you feel stuck, join us to identify your best next steps together.  

In this workshop you will:

  • Determine immediate next steps needed to stabilize
  • Re-examine your venture using the CO.STARTERS Canvas
  • Strategize how to better solve your customers’ changing needs
  • Learn how to adapt or refine your business model

Registration Email

Subject: Details on the upcoming Refocus Workshop

Thank you for registering for Refocus! We’re looking forward to supporting you during this challenging time. 

As a reminder, we’ll be holding the workshop on [Date] at [Time]. [Please join using this link with your video on].

To prepare for the workshop, please submit your email address to download your Participant Workbook


Post-Workshop Email

Subject: Thank you for participating in Refocus! 

Thank you for joining Refocus! We hope the workshop helped you find the focus and clarity needed to identify a new way forward.

Please take a minute to let us know how the workshop helped.

Also, check out these additional resources to help navigate these difficult times. 


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Nationwide Refocus Workshops

Feeling too strapped to host a workshop yourself? We’ve got you covered. CO.STARTERS will be continuing to hosting nationwide workshops every other week on Thursdays at 3 PM Eastern. 

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