Rebuild Participant Testimonials

First-hand feedback from other Rebuild cohorts.

Rebuild was designed specifically for COVID-19 pandemic response and recovery. See what some of the participants in our earliest cohorts have to say about their experience:

“With the virus kicking back up again there is a fear of being shut down again and not having income. I’m using what we learned in class to prepare.” –Rebuild Participant

“I have addressed my fail zone and am taking steps moving forward. I believe this is an opportunity for me to grow my business, even in these times.” –Rebuild Participant

“‘The program overall was wonderful, but especially when reflecting on where we’ve come from and the ideas we’ve developed [through this process.]” –Rebuild Participant

“I’m feeling better about recovery and the leads I have gotten from this group have been top notch.” –Rebuild Participant

“I cannot wait to apply these business principles to my business model. I am getting to know my business better than before this program. Furthermore, I am learning that I have more control over my business than I realized.” –Rebuild Participant

“Rebuild gave me something tangible to work on. I’ve had ideas and half-executed a handful of them. The Rebuild Program was helpful and forced my motivation to complete projects and really look at my business.” –Rebuild Participant 

“I would strongly recommend this program to retailers, restauranteurs, and some service providers (those services targeted at consumers).”–Rebuild Participant

“Rebuild was a great way to connect with business owners in my community – but my immediate community (geographically speaking) is not a client rich environment for my business. I think some of the points taught—such as pivoting and the explanations of things like cash flow and setting pricing—will be very helpful in my role as a consultant for the local small business development center, so I hope I can share the knowledge to help build a more sustainable, less tourism-based business basis in our area.”–Rebuild Participant

“Everyone was supportive, inclusive, took a lot of time to explain things—all in all, I could not ask for more from this aspect of the program.”–Rebuild Participant